Secret Wars II #8 (1986)

It’s getting very near the end!  Beyonder has been unsuccessful in his quest to find meaning for his all-powerful existence, so he decides to blow up existence itself.

Man, I’m with you, B.  Some days it just ain’t worth getting up in the morning.

He interviews a bunch of people who all tell him that life is worth living because, kinda, it just is—and the fact that life is short makes it precious, which of course doesn’t help a dude who has literally destroyed death.

The issue has some pointless battles, like Rachel Summers going Phoenix on him and it not working at all.

And Beyonder swatting away the New Mutants.

I can’t help thinking, every time I read an issue, that Steve Gerber would have written the hell out of this concept.  But in the hands of Jim Shooter, it’s just stupid. Even the character moments between Volcana and Molecule Man, which should have been fun, are bad.

No, it’s worse than stupid. It’s boring.


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