WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #90 (1992): Venom Galactus

A “giant-sized” 30th anniversary issue with a hologram cover, and it goes back to Spider-Man’s roots. 

Mysterio is tracked down by the guy who was Spider-Man’s wrestling agent (before Uncle Ben died).  The agent has been despondent ever since he lost Spidey as a client, and he wants Mysterio to conjure illusions to make Spidey believe he’s still in the agent’s employ. 

Spidey figures it out quickly, there’s a confrontation.

And we get Venom-Galactus.

But instead of eating planets, this one wants to eat…

Mary Jane. And seriously, she’s an amazing woman. Who can blame him?

I didn’t really understand the story, frankly.  But it’s a one-and-done designed to track back to Spider-Man’s origin as part of the celebration of the character.

In the grand tradition of the old Lee/Ditko issues, he leaves Mysterio webbed up on a lamppost.

The backcover is a 3-page fold-out picture of Spider-Man and Spidey 2099.

That’s a Rick Leonardi joint.

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