As soon as Steranko arrived, he left.  John Romita steps in for one issue.

Steve Rogers is “dead” and now Cap thinks he can be whoever he wants.


He resents being overshadowed by … Captain America?

This seems extremely out of character–he’s a patriotic hero who is all about duty and country.

Well, it’s a very short-lived plotline, at any rate.  While he’s out there, walking in the rain, thinking and sulking, we get a very brief glimpse of his teammates.

They give him his space.

Cap and Rick Jones Bucky save Sharon from AIM.

He can’t stand that her job as a SHIELD agent puts her in danger, so he demands that she quit.  She says no, and he walks away–seemingly breaking off the relationship.

At the very end of this issue is a cliffhanger…

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