Captain Marvel #15-18/50-53 (2003-2004): Crazy Like a Fox; 1st Phyla Vell

Genis Vell, who believed himself an orphan, is surprised when his mother, Elysius, arrives.

She’s with his sister, Phyla, who also calls herself Captain Marvel.

It turns out, when Genis Vell destroyed then recreated the universe, he also created some anomalies. Among them are his mom and sister, but also a second Absorbing Man that explains the baffling events from Hulk’s Hide in Plain Sight arc.

The reason Phyla and Elysius are there is to talk some sense into Genis Vell, who has become increasingly erratic and power mad. In fact, he’s now decided to eradicate the Kree, Shi’Ar and Skrulls because he believes all of them are threats to the future of the universe.

When his sister arrives and confronts him, he hits her in the face.

In other words, he resists their efforts to appeal to reason.

He then decides to kill both his sister and mother by sending them back through the rip in reality that created them but at the last moment Phyla grabs him and drags him in with them.


They wind up in a fantasy circus featuring illusions of many Marvel characters. Inside that pocket reality, Elysius is finally able to convince him to stop being such a dick, and he becomes a hero again.

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