Wolverine #1-3 (1988-1989)

Because he wasn’t writing enough at the time, Chris Claremont undertakes a solo Wolverine book and recruits one of the best artists of all time for support.  It basically continues the Wolverine arc from Marvel Comics Presents, having Logan traipsing across Madripoor, Indonesia, etc., fighting a cult.  It’s a lot like Punisher in tone, except not quite as violent and in an international setting.
The covers are fantastic.

Of course, whenever you’re in the Far East you have meet either Sunfire or Silver Samurai.  Frankly, is that a little racist?  They’re both Japanese, and this issue never moves the action to Japan.  Anyway, in this story it’s Silver Samurai.

And Jessica Drew.

Remember her?  She was Spider-Woman until she died in her own comic and then returned from the dead in Avengers #241, but lost her powers.

In this story, she’s gotten possessed by a demon who lives in a sword (but not the same sword as Black Knight’s possessed sword, and not the same demon who lives in that sword).  She fights Silver Samurai, but Wolverine eventually sets her free.

Then gets possessed himself, and then Silver Samurai and Lindsey McCabe (a supporting character from the old Spider-Woman comic, which Claremont wrote for a while) have to find the secret mystical items that will free Wolverine.

Lindsey gets some powers as a result of magic, enabling her to best Silver Samurai.

Lindsey and Jessica will become part of the regular supporting cast for this book.

The story is fine, but not great. It relies heavily on a lot of stuff we’ve seen before. But it’s fun enough.  The very good art that elevates it to above average.  In fact, the art is one of John Buscema’s best comics ever.

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