CAPTAIN AMERICA #28-31 (2000): 1st Protocide

After Sharon Carter’s plane crashes in the Savage Land, Cap goes to find her. He’s losing to a horde of dinosaurs.

Until he is rescued. And if we’re in the Savage Land, then the hero must be Ka-Zar, right? Well…Not quite.

Not only that, Brent Anderson does guest art on #29!

And the villain is Count Nefaria! He’s been doing genetic testing that has resulting in dramatic aging–so Matthew is now a young adult, and Ka-Zar and Shanna are old. They appear to die of old age, but that’s a fake-out.

Nefaria is working to create a new super soldier serum, and in addition to aging the Plunders, he created Protocide.

He’s pretty badass. He’s a former SHIELD agent who got experimented on.

After Cap defeats Nefaria, he and Sharon find a bunch of Ka-Zar, Shanna, and the real Matthew Plunder in tubes.

The aged versions were clones.

The tale ends with Nick Fury quitting as the head of SHIELD and turning it over to Sharon, after Sharon and Captain America decide not to be lovers anymore.

And Protocide is still on the loose–and in the hands of AIM.

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