UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN #11 (1996): 1st Bluebird

Electro and the electric-powered Eel! After breaking out of prison, the duo team up.

At the same time, one of the three kids from Peter’s High School who are trying to figure out Spider-Man’s secret identity (and win cash from the Daily Bugle) puts on a costume and bursts into Peter’s bedroom–nearly catching him in the act of changing out of his Spider-Man costume. She hasn’t figured out who Spider-Man is, but she has figured out that Peter takes pictures of him for the Bugle. In a slight retcon, Untold Tales has Peter taking these pictures anonymously (which makes a TON of sense–to help distance himself from his own alter-ego), but Sally Avril has figured it out; she blackmails Peter, forcing him to take her picture for the paper or else she will reveal his secret identity…As a photographer!

Such an elegant twist!

And then it’s Bluebird and Spidey vs the electric duo.

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