AVENGERS #206 (1981)

How many times can Marvel call on Mantlo for a fill-in script?  I hope he got a great page rate, because he could churn out harmless-but-entertaining, forgettable stories like nobody’s business.  So you don’t get too upset at the interruption…

And that’s really what you want from a fill-in: Nothing to disrupt ongoing storylines or establish heavy continuity—just some fluff the pass the time.  

Colan is a common fill-in artist, too, and it’s remarkable how good he makes a done-in-a-weekend book look.

The villain is a guy who calls himself Pyron, and is basically just a pyrokinetic.  

He takes out Human Torch, so the whole A-team goes in.

We get this panel, with the whole team, and several members saying something to show you what their characters are about.  I know these kinds of panels are silly and reductionist, but I always enjoy them.  

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