Doctor Strange #20 (1990)

Nice cover.  Nice tag line: “Toys in the Attic.”  Nice title: “Better homes and gargoyles.”

This story begins with a little holdover from last arc, involving Victor Strange (Stephen’s vampire brother) and Morbius.  Victor would rather be dead than be a vampire, and wants Dr. Strange to re-do the Montesi Formula that banned vampires from our dimension back in the Roger Stern era of Dr. Strange, but Stephen doesn’t want to kill his own brother.

In the argument that ensues, we learn that the Montesi Formula has “disappeared” from the spellbook Book of Darkhold.  Also during the argument, a vase breaks out holding a demon who messes with Strange inside his house for the rest of the issue by trying to free Baron Mordo from his prison in Strange’s basement and doing various other acts of mischief.

Roy and Dann Thomas’ run has been pretty good.

Especially if you ignore the Brother Voodoo backup story.

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