X-MEN ANNUAL #2 (1993)

As part of their duties on Freedom Force, Crimson Commando (who apparently now has cyborg elements attached to him)…

…and Avalanche investigate a rich advocate (named Empyrean) providing end-of-life care for victims of the Legacy Virus. His security team is a new iteration of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which includes some former Freedom Forcers as members–like Blob and Pyro. The groups decide to team up, since both support what Empyrean is doing.

The X-Men are also investigating Empyrean–to make sure he’s not harming mutants–and therefore end up in conflict with the new Freedom/Brotherhood supergroup. But once they realize Chambers isn’t doing anything bad, they agree to leave.

Empyrean has powers but I’m not tagging him because he dies of the Legacy Virus in the end. I suppose it is “important” because it ratchets up the Legacy Virus into a full-blown epidemic.

There’s also a back-up Beast story by Scott Lobdell and Ian Churchill.

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