More annoying Excalibur leftovers happen in the background as Reed defeats Blastaar, Terrax, and Annihilus with no help from his compadres, thus rendering stupid all the prior stories where each of these characters were extremely powerful threats. OK, they’re holograms. But still.

Then he gets beat by Trapster.

I wish I understood what Chris Claremont was trying to do here. It feels jammed together and boring. There’s even a puppy version of Lockjaw who I might have gotten into but he only appears in Claremont’s run and his name is…Puppy. The lack of imagination here is astounding.

Not only that, this is the letter page banner:

Wow. Again, talk about lacking imagination. Or even effort. There is a letter from Marc DiPaolo, who will go on to become a published author who writes about comic books.

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