MARVEL FANFARE #19 (1985): Cloak and Dagger

Dig Dagger’s cameltoe:


It’s a full-length one-and-done about Cloak and Dagger, with three different artists.  (Kinda feels like they rushed something out and had to task it to different pencilers to make deadline.). In his editor-Al, editor Al Milgrom explains that a bunch of pages were “lost.”


Dagger is tired of beating up drug dealers, so she takes a break and goes clubbing.  In costume.  Obviously, she gets recognized and a drug dealer tries to get revenger on her for her vigilantism.  It ends badly for the drug dealer, and Cloak and Dagger come back together because he needs her light and she needs his darkness.

Sing it with me now, “Ebony and ivory, live together in perfect harmony…”

As a team, C&D are pretty shame-y. Look how they literally wag their fingers at a drug user, below…

It’s an okay tale.  But the Kerry Gammil pin-up of cloak at the end is insane.

Bill Mantlo, who created the characters is still the only guy to write them. I think.  Oh, other than their cameo in Power Pack.

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