THOR #129-130 (1966)

By #128, Journey Into Mystery has given up the ghost and been replaced, with the same numbering, by Thor.  Let’s face it, everyone knew this wasn’t going to go back to D-list creepy tales by Steve Ditko or Bill Everett.  This was now the book of Marvel’s Thunder God.

After an extended Thor-versus-Hercules arc, we get a two-issue story (really one issue, because both issues have Tales of Asgard backup features), in which the Greek tie-ins continue as Thor goes to Hades to kick Cereberus’ ass.  Cerberus is a guy with an axe, not a two-headed dog, in the Marvel Universe. And Ares, who is major enough to warrant his own character tag, below.

We meet a bunch of other Greek Gods along the way, like Hermes and Dionysus.  And Ares, who will become a minor character, but one who appears outside of the Greek pantheon (much like Thor appears in books that have nothing to do with Asgard).

And Thor’s kinky activities as a swinger are explored. Also, his interest in being a submissive, when he meets Jane’s new roomate.

That’s the Rigellan Tana Nile. First appearance.

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