Sensational She-Hulk #27 (1991)

“Take us for granite!” Ugh.  Horrible pun.

But having said that, this issue features two of my favorite C-list characters: Dragon Man and Grey Gargoyle.

G.G. is teamed-up with an even lesser-known villain, Killer Shrike, and also Dragon Man.  They’ve been hired to kill one of lawyer She-Hulk’s clients.

Nice initial fight scene.  Then Dragon Man, the third member of their posse gets involved.

There’s also a new character named Surge, but we never see him again.

He was a fan who wanted to meet She-Hulk.  It feels like a story that was intended to go somewhere, but the author was pulled off the title.

It’s too bad, because as She-Hulk issues go, this was one of the better ones in quite some time.

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