Steve Rogers is a cop. Just remember that.

Now for the story:

This is a very, very weird story.  

Cap and Falcon go against Batroc the Leaper, who has been hired by The Stranger. That in and of itself is weird. He’s a cosmic-level threat.


Batroc has the ability to jump around a lot.


Stranger captures the heroes and puts them in glass tubes, which, of course, they break. Stranger looks very different.

That’s because it’s not him.  It’s alternate-universe Stranger.

And he’s here to kidnap kids from Harlem to repopulate his own planet.

I’m still tagging as Stranger, even though he’s not the real Stranger, because I’m too lazy to create a second Stranger tag.

They beat him up.

Then, when he gets back to Earth, Steve renegotiates his arrangement with Nick Fury.

With his fists.

In the last issues of the trilogy, they fight Scorpion and Mr. Hyde.

Hyde has teamed up with Cobra, too, so I guess he likes to partner with slimy, scary animals.

It’s weird to see this go from cosmic to street–it’s kind of a disorganized, sprawling story.

I expect Scorpion to crawl through a manhole, but Mr. Hyde is a bit too big.

Anyway, Steve does well against them. By the way, I think “bright eyes” is code for “beeyach.”

Or maybe not.

It’s cool that Hyde went from partnering with Cobra to Scorpion.

So in the end, Cap quits working for SHIELD and he and Falcon are on their own now, and so Cap needs Falcon more than ever. He has no other back up.

But they’re bros.

Feeling betrayed, Nick tries to seduce Cap and get him to throw Falcon under the bus.

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