X-TREME X-MEN #5-7 (2001-2002)

Oh look, it’s Bishop. Wonderful.

I can’t remember the last time I read a really good Bishop story. I don’t think one exists. Oh, and it also features a central role for Gambit. Wonderfuler.

Gambit has been set up as the fall guy for a murder. The team goes to New Orleans to exonerate him. But then he gets set up for another murder, and Rogue is set up too. And then again.

A gang member called Red Lotus tries to hold Gambit and Rogue accountable.

It turns out Hellfire Club is behind it, and when Red Lotus finds out, he helps the X-treme X-Men fight them.

It’s interminable. In fact, it doesn’t end here. Sebastian Shaw is still doing bad things so Gambit and Red Lotus decide to go after him next issue.

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