BLACK PANTHER #8-12 (1999): Enemy of the State

Mike Manley comes aboard for a “Captain America team up” arc.

It starts where the last issue left off, with the entire Avengers team showing up while Black Panther is beating the snot out of Kraven the Hunter. (Actually, it starts with a flashback to an old Cap/Panther story against Baron Zemo.)

Then, it’s a big terrorism/coup d’etat in Wakanda story.

There’s a Senator whose name is Rakim, which…Yeah, that’s great!

It seems like every Black Panther story–EVERY one–has people vying for the throne, which kind of counters the “he’s a great leader” concept used to define the character. This one has the corrupt Senator and other U.S. factions assisting the coup, but it’s still the same kind of story. These get a little old. I will say this is one of the better ones–maybe even the BEST one–but when greatness comes in the guise of repetition, it can feel diluted.

Of particular interest is how this one ends…

…Black Panther speaks at the United Nations, reveals the treachery of the United States, and swears to root out all who knew of the consipiracy.

A subplot here is that Black Panther joined The Avengers just to spy on them.

Not much is made of it, but it’s good for some interhero conflict. In the end, they understand his suspicion, given how the U.S. tried to destabilize his country and all.

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