SPIDER-MAN 2099 MEETS SPIDER-MAN (1995): 1st Spider-Man 2211

This one-shot has two of my all-time favorite creators: Peter David and Rick Leonardi. And on top of that, the great Al Williamson is on the inks.

I haven’t been covering the 2099 line because it’s not canonical. I supposed I’m a bit inconsistent. I cover the 1990s Guardians of the Galaxy team’s comic, and it also takes place in an alternative future. So maybe someday I’ll go back and write about all the 2099 books.

But not today. Today, just this one-shot–in which both titular characters are switched–pulled into each others’ timelines–and operate within those worlds. This was the first time Marvel joined up the 616 with the future “2099” timeline. It’s pretty fun, but at 45 pages it’s also very compressed. Peter David is a guy who works with character and mood–jamming his work into a small space doesn’t allow for him to do his best work.

In the end, both heroes are pulled into the same alternate timeline and have an adventure. with Spider-Man 2211.

He’ll appear a few more times in the (ahem) future. Pun intended.

And then they return home.

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