UNCANNY X-MEN #228 (1988)

This is an “in memoriam” issue for the “dead” X-Men. Their death was televised. Their immediate rebirth was not.

There’s not a lot of plot here–it’s mostly character work. But apparently Claremont needed DeFalco to help him plot this out.

It also marks the return of O.Z. Chase, a character from Dazzler’s solo issue that nobody was looking for. He’s been framed as a killer, and the “action” storyline in this issue is around this issue.

Probably that’s what DeFalco contributed, since he was involved with the Dazzler series.

She tells her teammates she doesn’t want help. But Wolverine follows her anyway, and gets thrown in jail (on purpose) so he can talk to O.Z.

Of course Chase is cleared by the end. Along the way there’s a bunch of spy-stuff involving Henry Peter Gyrich. It’s all fine–a decent pallet cleanser between huge arcs in a comic that, all too often, has waaaaay too many characters and storylines to follow.

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