MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #148 (1994): Black Panther, American Eagle, Captain Universe

Three short stories and one installment in a 2-part Vengeance story (covered separately).

Let’s get through these 8-page stories quickly.  Don Hillsman plots and draws, with a script by David Devries, a meaningless Black Panther story where he fights a Sabretooth robot. 

Then John Figuroa and Ron Wilson do another American Eagle story, so that’s getting to be a bad habit. 

American Eagle is very happy. (Come on. You can’t draw like that and expect me not to make a stupid dick joke…)

And then Dan Slott and Bill Wiley save the day with a Captain Universe story where the force inhabits an old man who protects his daughter from burglars.  It’s not brilliant, but it’s a fine little story that reminds us that this force of universal justice is still floating around, and it’s not too big to help a real person with a real problem.  It’s a “C” story, but the other two in issue #149 are “F” stories, so it felt really good to read it.

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