Loki and Pluto strike a bargain to take on each others’ arch enemy. First, in Avengers Annual, Pluto gets Loki to take on Hercules. Loki manages to brainwash Hercules into leading a group of monsters (and Typhon) against Olympus. The Avengers stop the assault. Hercules gets his memory back.

Obviously, Loki failed. Nevertheless, in Thor Annual #19, Pluto lives up to his side of the agreement and takes on Thor.

He has about the same level of success as Loki.

But to achieve his goal, he gives Hrinmeer The Flame a power up and turns Cerberus into a giant steed.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with any of this; it’s nice to see Big John B drawing the A-team again, and Roy Thomas knows how to write these old-fashioned Gods-and-Supers stories.

Each annual has backups. In Avengers Annual #19, there is a second story where Vision fights a personified computer virus named Glitch. That story…Is not good. In the Thor one, he gives his penis the power of Mjolnir to bash away a landslide before it kills a little boy.

Atta boy.

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