MARVEL TEAM UP #63-64 (1977)

Claremont and Byrne were a team supreme, and they loved doing multi-issue Team-Up arcs.  In this one, Iron Fist Colleen Wing, Misty Knight and Spider-Man take on Steel Serpent, who is Lei Kung the Thunderer’s son.

Lei Kung lost the competition for the fist power in K’un Lun to Iron Fist’s father.  So he has a partial dragon chest tattoo.

There’s a lot more stuff going on in these two issues, which basically are the last two issues of the Iron Fist solo magazine–wrapping up threads from a Claremont book.  And like most Claremont books, there was a lot of plotting.  I confess I can’t follow it all.  But Davos, aka Steel Serpent, dies at the end.

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