DAREDEVIL #372 (1998): vs Ghost Rider

The art in this book is magnificent.

We learn that the serial killer with the “3” on his tooth is working for someone, and the city government is covering up his murders. (The “someone” he is working for will be revealed as Larry Cranston–Mr. Fear. We don’t see him in this issue, but we hear his voice.). Ghost Rider is summoned to avenge the victims, but Daredevil interferes (not knowing he’s defending the guilty).

Ghost Rider backs down and tells that the deaths that will happen are Daredevil’s fault. We also see that Ghost Rider’s penance stare has some kind of manual component, as his “fingers” interfere with Matt’s mind.

This is the best Ghost Rider I’ve read in a long time. The character makes sense in this story–he has motivation and a clear rationale for what he does. He also looks scary and cool as hell (no pun intended).

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