Web of Spider-Man #62 (1990)

Molten Man returns and fights Spider-Man then doesn’t fight him because he’s going straight.  During the fight, Spider-Man’s thought bubbles explain Molten Man’s power set.

After the fight, which demolishes his apartment, Harry Osborne gives him a job.

This is just stupid and ridiculous.  Molten Man has tried to kill people, over and over, and in this issue commits a felony (breaking and entering Harry’s apartment) in an apparent extortion attempt, but rather than give him money Harry offers him a job and they’re all friends.

Would you want someone like that working for you?

This just insults our intelligence as readers.  By 1990, Marvel should have been moving past this kind of oversimplistic nonsense.

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  1. I have the original book in the original package mint condition on the book but I’m looking for how Much it’s worth as a collection time

    • Not much, I’m afraid. The speculation boom of the ’90s followed by the reprinting craze of the 2000s pretty much dropped the bottom out of the market.


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