Marvel Team-Up #14 (1973): Sub-Mariner

“Mayhem is the Man-Fish.” Classic.

Namor was such a major player in the early 1970s.  He turned up everywhere!  I’m not a huge fan of the character to begin with, but having him be the victim of a mugging is just bizarre. 

That’s how this tale begins. Spider-Man is on patrol and stops a mugging–but it turns out to be Sub-Mariner, who doesn’t need Spider-Man’s help.

Then they fight, of course.

Storywise, Namor is in town because Tiger Shark and Dr. Dorcas are creating a race of Men-Fish (that’s really what they’re called). 

They team up and stop them but first…

…Spider-Man gets stuck in a tube.

I know I have a tag (below) showing the ridiculous number of times tubes are used to imprison characters, but maybe this time it makes sense. Dorcas uses the tubes to create creatures–and you’d want to be able to monitor the creation process from all angles in real time. And when he needs to hold Spidey, he just sticks him in an extra tube. So he didn’t design a prison where the captives couldn’t be fed, sleep, or take a dump. He just had the tube lying around.

Also, Web waterskis.

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