DAREDEVIL #176 (1981): 1st Stick


The first appearance of Stick.  And he’s in a pool hall, shooting balls with a stick.  How smart is that?  How noir?

Stick will ultimately be part of a retcon of Matt Murdock’s early experiences–he was a mentor to the newly blinded Matt. But for now we just know DD knew him years ago.

And he’s a dick.

Matt has to seek out Stick because he’s lost his radar sense….

daredevil loses his powers

…Which leads to a great issue, #177, in which we see more about Frank Miller’s take on Matt’s relationship with his dad.  That’s next.

But the best part of this issue is Turk, finally sick of being punched and beaten up, getting a hold of an old Mauler suit and trying to be a super-villain. It doesn’t go well for him.

He is taken down in half a page.

This is a chapter in Elektra story that is one of the best Frank Miller stories of all time.

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