AVENGERS #343-344 (1992): 1st Marilla, Proctor, Gatherers; Crystal joins; Bob Harras run begins

These issues are set-up for Bob Harras’ run.  Crystal joins the team, and brings her baby Luna and Luna’s Inhuman nanny, Marilla, to Avengers’ mansion.

Obviously, the nanny is comic relief.

She’s always feuding in the kitchen with Jarvis.

Captain America laments the constant changes in membership with a “things just ain’t the same” speech.

I like it.

The mystery guest on the cover is Swordsman, who, with Mantis, is back from the dead. 

Black Knight gets a light saber because his ebony blade keeps demanding blood.

They’re really aliens called the Gatherers.  Swordsman will actually stick around for a while, so I’m counting this as a version of Swordsman.  Mantis won’t.  All this will factor into the Galactic Storm story, coming next.

After a fight…

Swordsman passes out during the fight.

And Black Knight presses the advantage because he’s got no class.

We learn they report to a guy named Proctor…

This is the first appearance of Proctor, who will be a major part of the next arc, Galactic Storm.  Proctor will turn out to be an alternate Earth version of Dane Whitman.

Great. Two versions of one my least favorite characters.

In his reality, he actually leads a bunch of alternate Earth Avengers (like Swordsman, above). They’re coming for Sersi, believing she destroyed their worlds.

Speaking of alternate Earths, the story ends with The Watcher being foreboding…

Creators: Bob Harras and Steve Epting
Grade: C+

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