IRON MAN #168 (1983): Machine Man


Drunk Iron Man is like one of the Three Stooges: “Oh, the old boomerang leg trick, eh?  Wise guy, eh?”

This is the beginning of the James-Rhodes-Becomes-Iron-Man arc. Machine Man tries to bond with Iron Man (he thinks he’s a robot), but Tony is a belligerent drunk so they fight.  Machine Man flees rather than risk hurting innocent bystanders.  It’s kind of a throw-away incident, but it’s cool to see the battle and it establishes how far gone Tony is.

And the ending is very solid.  It’s just like an alcoholic to have a horrendous day behind drinking and then do it all over again…

This is one of my all-time favorite Marvel stories by Denny O’Neil. The full top 10 is here.

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