Captain America is (yet again) whining about being a man out of time.  And feeling purposeless. And feeling like a dinosaur.

He’s saved the world, and countless cities and people, at least two hundred times since he woke up from his coma.  How can he wonder if there’s “a use for me”?  Anyway, the dinosaur thing becomes relevant ’cause Scorpion kind of looks like a dinosaur, doesn’t he?


I mean, he doesn’t look anything like a scorpion.

Cap is out in the street as Steve Rogers when he gets mugged by Scorpion. Also, Cap’s uniform and shield fits in that tiny briefcase.  Marvel magic.

He has trouble finding a place to change. That’s kind of funny.

In costume, time to beat up Scorpion.

Well done. Another solid Cap comic.

1 thought on “CAPTAIN AMERICA #122 (1970)”

  1. You’re right. Cap’s constant whining about “not having a place in the ( modern ) world” is ridiculous and asinine. If his only achievement post-thaw were to lead the Avengers until retirement, ( yes, that involves a retirement- see ‘Marvel Two-In-One’#42 where he mentions to the Thing “…….by then, I’ll be collecting my Avengers pension!” ) that would be enough purpose in life for any sane man. So, what’s all the bellyaching about-?? Cap is suffering from Kyle Richmond “Poor little rich boy syndrome”. I wish I had Cap’s “problems”. Yes, I would like to know more about how Cap managed to get his shield and costume into that little briefcase. Pym particles, maybe?? Gotta be SOMETHING to it. The version of the Scorpion here is rather tame compared to the upgraded version which Todd McFarlane gave us two decades later, in ‘Spider-Man’. I’d hate to see Cap ( or anybody, really ) have to fight off THAT version. Cyclops or Iron Man, maybe- someone with long-range strike capability. Agent Thirteen looks just darling in bondage, but that’s an essay for another time, and forum. I’d give “The Sting of the Scorpion” a “B”, actually. Great Colan art, proving his equal facility for superhero action, as well as horror. ( “Tomb of Dracula”/”Dr. Strange”, etc. )


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