GHOST RIDER #62-64 (1995): In Chains

These issues all have a “…In Chains Part 1/2/3 of 4” tagline, but then issue #65 is part of the “Over the Edge” event, such that “…In Chains” never gets a tagged fourth part.

Nevertheless, they do lead directly into that event–telling the story of SHIELD capturing Danny Ketch. Side character Stacy Dolan turns him in–hoping to help Danny rid himself of his demonic side.

SHIELD takes him to a special prison called The Black Hole, where he is tortured and marked for dissection. The organization is led by Spook, and they’re also experimenting on Scarecrow.

Of course, Scarecrow (and some Lilin) escape and start killing all the evil scientists, so SHIELD and The Avengers show up. And Nick Fury unleashes Ghost Rider to take out Scarecrow. From there, we go to the Over the Edge event.

Is there anything else important about these issues? Hmm. No, not really. The art is great. The story is fun enough, albeit a little disjointed.

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