Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (1990)

guardians of the galaxy #1

The original Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 1, #1. Marvel decided these guys needed a book, and they gave it to Jim Valentino as both writer and artist.

It takes place in the 31st Century, so it is not clearly 616 canon–but these characters frequently visit the 616, and sometimes 616 characters join them in their own timeline.

Plus, Vance Astro is also Justice from New Warriors.

The comic also had Marvel’s second trans character (Cloud was first): Starhawk, who can turn into the female Aleta.

So I’m covering it. Probably not in great detail, though.

And I will only be tagging characters who appear in non-31st Century stories. So I”m not tagging their enemy for this issue (and several others), Taserface. But he has a cool name.

Issue #1 basically reintroduces the cast and sets the stage for a space comic, and goes into their 616 history including the battle against Korvac.

It’s a good first issue.

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