Captain America #270 (1982)

Comic books are not realistic.  Guys have super strength and indestructible shields.  But look at this conversation: Have you ever known a girl to say, “I Love You” and then be okay when you can’t say it back?  If a chick like Bernie Rosenthal exists, and you get to date her, marry that woman.

This issue also introduces Arnie Roth, Steve Rogers’ childhood friend, who is also a homosexual.

His boyfriend has been kidnapped, and Arnie knows that Steve is Captain America due to their shared past.

So Cap goes and saves the day.  The comic never comes right out and says Arnie is gay, but it’s pretty clear.

A nice way of portraying closeted relationships in Comics Code Authority 1982.

Also in this issue: A member of a street vigilante group called Young Watchers gets shot, and in issue #272 we find out it was Hulk’s old pal Jim Wilson.  Way to tie in the 1970s sidekick storylines!

And in the end, Steve and Bernie are back on the stoop…


A very sweet and romantic issue.

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