Silver Surfer #7 (1988): Mantis revived

Another war is underway between the Kree and Skrull worlds, and Zenn-La is being threatened with destruction since Surfer recently defended some skrulls.

Silver Surfer tells the Kree Supreme Intelligence that Earth and Zenn-La are under his protection, and the giant blobby head seems to agree to leave Zenn-La alone in exchange for Surfer staying out of the war, but when Surfer demands that Earth be protected as well he responds politely that he understands, and the war ends.

Just kidding.

In response, Kree Supreme Intelligence zaps Silver Surfer with the Soul Gem. How did he get that?

Simultaneously, Mantis is reborn on Earth (which she does by creating a new body from vegetation), so that she can spy on the Elders, who are debating Surfer’s fate. 

She learns they have five of the six infinity gems.  They’re missing just the Soul Gem.

The Elders spot Mantis and capture her.

While this is going on the Elder named Contemplator is trying to bargain with the Kree Intelligence to give over that Soul Gem, but the big head says no because apparently it is all that is keeping his split pink-Kree and green (skrull) Kree from getting schizophrenic.

This continues to be Steve Englehart’s best work in ten years, and Marshall Rogers is simply amazing on the art.

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