UNCANNY X-MEN #339 and X-MEN #58 (1996)

I hate these titles right now. They’re all over the place, with multiple overlapping plots that make it feel like the individual issues are redundant and the overall storyline takes way to long to. move forward. In these issues, we get an overlapping storyline. X-Factor play a bigger role than the X-Men, but it doesn’t actually tie into an issue of X-Factor.

Anyway, we learn that Graydon Creed is Mystique’s son.

We learn it in a thought bubble. That’s not great.

Havok is part of the brotherhood of evil mutants now. I don’t really understand why, nor do I care to read more carefully to figure it out. He says he got tired of being kept on a short leash, which I’m sure is a reference to Valerie Cooper bringing people like Mystique and Sabretooth on to the team.

Fake Spider-Man joins the X-Men in trying to stop Havok from killing Graydon Creed. When he meets the new Uncanny members, he’s as confused as I am about who they are…

This book has become impenetrable. Havok causes Cyclops’ plane to crash. I do like X-Men crashing planes (see tag below).

They have a mid-air fight, brother against brother.

After the assassination attempt, Bastion learns that a reporter figured out the connection of Graydon Creed to Mystique and Sabretooth (I can’t believe they banged each other)…

So Bastion kils him.1996

Also, Gambit and Joseph (aka not Magneto) fight over Rogue…

…And the art is awful.

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