SILVER SURFER #76-78(1993): Jack of Hearts returns

Jack of Hearts, the character nobody missed, returns–and he’s dying from leakage of his cosmic bands. (See his miniseries–or actually, don’t. You don’t need to because all the important parts are summarized in three panels of Silver Surfer #76.) Leaky bands are the same thing that killed Captain Mar-Vell, the previous holder of the bands.

Silver Surfer helps him connect with a scientist at a space prison who knows how to make a containment suit to solve Jack’s problem.

Nebula is at the same prison, and she breaks out.

By the end of the story, Nebula is on the loose again with a prison gang, Surfer goes after her, and Jack stays behind to help the prison scientist repair the prison.

Meanwhile, Galactus rebuilds Morg.

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