NAMOR #49-50 (1994)

This story starts with Susan Richards tending to Namor, who was injured during Starblast, and Namor haunted by memories of those he loved–like Marrina, Dorma, and his mommy. All dead.

He’s at the old Hydrobase, which gets attacked by Attuma’s troops. Only instead of being led by Attuma, his daughter is running the show. But Namor actually TALKS IT OUT with her, and makes her a warlord in his army.

Huh. How odd.

Then Namor goes back to the old corporate headquarters, which I thought we would all just forget about after John Byrne left. He and Namorita even wear suits.

Yeah, that’s actually fantastic.

Seems like the goal of this run is to cohere all the pieces of Namor’s history. Well done. But get ready for something really bizarre…

Sue sleeps with him.

This leads to a Thing/Namor fight, and Lyja Lazerfist joins in.

Yeah, you guessed it. Sue didn’t sleep with him. Namor banged Lyja.

And if that’s not enough, Llyra returns too.

Namor nearly kills her, but Sue stops him.

And although they didn’t sleep together, when all the above confusion is resolved, this happens:

That feels like a cliffhanger. But the next issue has nothing to do with it.

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