Sensational She Hulk #19-20 (1990)

Now this is the Steve Gerber I remember.  This issue introduces a female Batman, complete with a spoof origin where the orphaned future superhero is the daughter of hippies.

She’s called Noseferata. In the 1990 Marvel Year in Review trade magazine, they tried really hard to make her matter. But after this appearance she would disappear until a 1993 Marvel Comics Presents story briefly brought her back. Then she was gone again until after the turn of the Century, during Marvel’s Civil War storyline.

John Byrne introduced a Superman spoof concept during his She-Hulk run, so here Gerber is extending it.

There’s also versions of various supporting Batman characters (Commissioner Gordon, Joker, Two-Face, etc.) who all are inmates at Dorkham Asylum, and there’s even a Darth Vader appearance at one point. It’s a like an in-continuity issue of Crazy Magazine.

Obviously, it doesn’t go anywhere and never will.  We can’t have a Batman character running around Marvel.  (I mean, we already have two versions of him as multiple Nighthawks.)

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