BISHOP #1-4 (1993-1994)

Question of the day: Can the terrific writer of Grimjack and Suicide Squad write a good series about a character who, up to now, was basically indistinguishable from a slew of gun-toting, future-tripping antiheroes?

Let’s find out, as John Ostrander writes a Bishop miniseries.

The book introduces Mountjoy, who jumps his consciousness into other peoples’ bodies. He’s a guy from Bishop’s past (which is the future, right?). Bishop decides to kill him, so he has to quit the X-Men because they don’t believe in killing (except for when they do believe in it).

Inevitably, Mountjoy possesses Bishop and attacks the X-Men, who think Bishop just has bloodlust since he just quit to assassinate Mountjoy.

The ending is predictable: Bishop must choose whether to kill Mountjoy and decides against it.

This was pretty good as far as (another) miniseries about one of the many confusing future-to-present characters who all are either tied to Cable, are very similar to Cable, carry huge guns, and are often all of the above.

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