WHAT IF #2-4 (1989)

I’m not sure it’s really worth covering this second edition of What If?, but I’ve already started so I guess I’ll see it through. In batches. Just to see if there’s anything particularly interesting. As usual, none of the character tags are used because these are not the 616 versions of the characters.

Issue #2, by Danny Fingeroth and Greg Capullo, takes place during Daredevil: Born Again (tagged below) and has Daredevil killing Kingpin. It’s a fairly gory headshot. But come one, if anyone deserves a bullet to the brain, it’s Kingpin.

It ends with Fisk’s son, Richard (aka The Rose, aka The Schemer) taking over the Daredevil role. Grade: C.

Issue #3 has Captain America staying in that identity instead of becoming “The Captain” and relinquishing the role to USAgent. It’s not as good–and a major reason is the art by Dave Simons. The script, by Jim Valentino, is serviceable. There’s some humorous backups. At least they’re supposed to be funny. They’re not. Grade C-.

Then #4 has Peter Parker becoming Venom. It’s boring. Grade: D

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