Alpha Flight #10-12 (1998)

In the aftermath of last issue, the team has (finally!) seen that Department H are a bunch of lying criminals, and effectively go on strike–refusing to take missions, and going into hiding in the Microverse, having adventures with Bug, Marionette, and others.

But as much fun as an appearance by the Micronauts is (and it’s very fun), the real action is in issue #12…

Issue #12 has a tribute cover…And (below) a full tribute scene…To the iconic Volume 1, #12.

While the team is in the Microverse, back on Earth the ongoing Zodiac plot finally bubbles over. They attack Department H just as Alpha Flight is returning from the Microverse. The bestial Sasquatch is killed, as is the corrupt leader of Dept H (General Clarke), and Vindicator re-lives the death of her husband…

…Except that Heather lives, and the issue ends with her hugging the clone of her husband who is 17.

I think getting to have your spouse return in their younger body is a fantasy for lots of people!

Sasquatch–the monster version–dies in this story. His funeral will come in issue #14.

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