CAPTAIN AMERICA #25-27 (2000): Twisted Tomorrows; Dan Jurgens run begins

Dan Jurgens takes over the writing chores, and Andy Kubert illustrates a drama that has Hate Monger capturing Nick Fury and Captain America and Falcon coming to his rescue.

It starts with Fury infiltrating Hate Monger’s army of racists and getting taken. Dum Dum Dugan then recruits Cap and Falcon to search and rescue Fury.

During the search part, there are some sweet character moments. We haven’t seen Sam and Steve together for awhile. It’s nice.

Hate Monger’s group is well-funded.

Not only can they afford helicopters and weapons, but HM has a new costume…

…And spray paint.

As part of his goal to start a world war, he straps Falcon to a bomb–forcing Cap to relive what happened to Bucky many years prior.

It’s a solid adventure, and makes me look forward to the rest of Dan Jurgens’ run.

Meanwhile, Sharon is missing. She’s in Turkey, and has hooked up with a talking Anyklysaurus named Barney.

She’s returning him to the Savage Land, where she crashes her plane and gets taken by Count Nefaria. More on that in a few issues.

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