Daredevil #20-25 (2001)

Shortly after Brian Michael Bendis’ run on Daredevil began, he took a break for this story by Bob Gale.

The story: A rich guy hires Nelson and Murdock to sue Daredevil because DD destroyed his greenhouse during a battle against The Hand.

It’s high concept, but it’s actually pretty funny. Like, they have trouble with serving process on Daredevil (especially since, in his secret identity, he knows he’s being sued), so the client hires Jester to pretend to rob a bank and then when DD is close enough…

Yeah, that’s pretty damn funny.

The whole story is pretty funny, actually. It’s way better than I expected it to be. At one point, the defense calls Daredevil to testify and since Murdock has to be in the courtroom at the same time, he hires Peter Parker to wear the DD costume to court.

OK, let’s ignore the fact that that means Matt Murdock suborned perjury, meaning both he and Peter Parker have committed felonies.

I was annoyed at first that Bendis’ run was broken by this story, but I have to admit…It’s pretty great.

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