CAPTAIN MARVEL #8-10 (2000)

Superskrull comes to Earth to kill a girl named Kelly Kooliq who can access cosmic awareness. Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, and Moondragon intercede long enough to enable Kelly to rid herself of the power, thus eliminating herself as a threat.

For the ongoing plots: Rick’s wife Marlo now seems to have her own secret being that only she can see: A ghost named Lorraine, who has managed to creep into Marlo’s awareness because Marlo is currently connected to Death (but doesn’t know it yet). So now both of them have alters now. It leads to a very interesting date when Genis Vell is talking to Rick but only Marlo can’t him and Lorraine is talking to Marlo but Rick can’t hear her…

The main drama with Super Skrull is great, but it’s moments like the one above that make this an excellent series.

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