X-FACTOR #63-64 (1991): Simonson’s Run Ends

It turns out Iceman’s girlfriend’s dad is Yakuza, and he kidnaps her–and they’re cyborg Yakuza to boot. Iceman and Jean Grey go rescue her.

Oh, and since it’s Japan there’s an “honor” and “samurai” reference. But they’re armored, so they’re Cyburai. Built and led by a crimelord named Tatsu’o. He’s mean to his granddaughter.

She’s Opal Tanaka–Iceman’s gal.

Anyway, a Japan adventure…But no Sunfire. That’s unusual.

Iceman fights all the various Japanese soldiers to rescue his gal.

I can’t give this an “F” because Ms. Simonson did some great work on this series, albeit over a year ago, and this is her swan song. But it’s not a good ending, people. And Whilce’s art is bloody awful.

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