Midnight Sons Unlimited #3 (1993)

Rather than a bunch of short stories, this 80-pager is one story with a bunch of the Midnight Sons, as well as Spider-Man.  The Sons get a bunch of individual segments, all drawn by different artists, which has the downside of making this story feel disjointed but the upside of exposing us to a wide variety of styles and lesser-known artists.  (Sadly, most aren’t that good.)

Why should you care? You shouldn’t.  This is still a horrible, pointless comic coming out in a market oversaturated with Ghost Rider and Ghost-Rider-Adjacent characters.

And Spider-Man, too, who has 3 series books a month in addition to multiple guest shots.

Anyway, a spidery-looking creature named Spider-X is running around wearing shreds of a Spider-Man costume, so the Sons fight Spider-Man first (assuming he’s the monster), then the monster.

Also, Zzzax, who is basically used as an energy source for Paralyzer.

His role seems to be to inject humor into the book, but it falls flat.

Actually, one thing is cool here: Morbius hypnotizes Spider-X into thinking he is his mother.

OK. That takes this from a “D” to a “C-.”

Creators: Mort Todd wrote it, and also did the art on one segment.  Other artists: Javier Saltares, John Czop, Ken Meyer Jr., Doug Braithwaite, and Vincent Giarrano

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