FANTASTIC FOUR #13-16 and IRON MAN #14 (1998)

Caledonia can see the future, apparently. She has a vision of Ronan attacking the Fantastic Four, and that’s what happens. He’s out to avenge his fallen Kree since Reed Richards defended the skrulls back in…I don’t remember and don’t feel like looking it up.

Chris Claremont’s run on this title exhausts me. This is one of the better stories in the run, and it’s overly reliant on all the crap that has made F4 basically unreadable for the past five plus years. Like this: The battle leads to the moon, mind control, alternate reality versions of the FF (of course), and Iron Man #14.

Tony helps the team rescue Sue, who gets kidnapped by Ronan and his Kree soldiers. Seriously, Chris? You’re supposed to be the guy who can write women well, and you’re using the captured female plot point?

Ronan escapes in the end and vows to built a devastating weapon and come back to kill the FF.

While the Ronan thing is going on, a new character named Bounty is hunting Caledonia, a character Claremont created during this run and who is boring and dumb.

She shows up at a bar with aliens in it and slaughters everyone.

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