THE VON STRUCKER GAMBIT: Daredevil, Captain America, Punisher Annuals (1991): 1st Crippler

Strucker sends a bunch of genetically enhanced assassins to New York. One of them is Karl Stricklan, a bounty hunter who will become a major minor character in the ’90s under the name Crippler. He’s crazy and gross–at one point cooking someone on an open spit.

The rest are never to be seen again.

Other than that, this is not a good series of stories.

I liked the back-up feature in Punisher where Microchip went to fat camp only to find out they were a bunch of drug peddlers.

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In Captain America, there’s a back-up showing how Bushmaster got his cybernetic parts.

And a Nomad with Julia “Baby Bucky” Winters.

None of the other back-ups are worth mentioning.

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