Ron Garney and Mark Waid’s Captain America series was both selling well and high quality, so, of course, Marvel made a companion series.

I’m not one to complain about quality Cap comics and this one had a good twist: It told stories from points in history–kind of like Untold Tales of Spider-Man, but for Cap. Except there’s a second twist: Where most of this series will look at Cap’s past, this one looks at his future. And not a dystopian, far-flung future: Just a couple years in the future.

Sadly, the execution is not as interesting as the concept. Cap fights some terrorists who took over the SHIELD helicarrier. What’s annoying is that this story takes place in the near future but none of the events in it come close to actually happening (compare to, say, the alternate Cable future where tons of crossover between timelines occurs).

Oh well. Let’s see if this gets better.

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