KA-ZAR #12-14 (1997-1998)

In this series’ first arc, Shanna merged with a mystical terraformer and got the power to control life in the Savage Land. Turns out, Ka-Zar doesn’t dig being a co-star. He’s jealous, he tries to get her to give up her powers and messes with the natives who now worship her. They fight, so Ka-Zar goes looking for High Evolutionary–hoping he’ll rebuild the terraformer and get the power out of Shanna and back into the device.

But instead, High Ev falls in love with Shanna.

Over the course of this story, Ev tries to get Shanna to run away with him and create another counter Earth.

But of course, in the end, her true love for Ka-Zar wins out, Evolutionary takes the power back, and all is normal again. With the man dominating the relationship.

This arc is solid, but not as amazingly fantastic as the Thanos story. Largely due to the uneven art, by multiple pencillers on this single arc. Andy Kubert returns for the final issue of this story, which is also Waid’s last issue on this series.

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