ALPHA FLIGHT #8-9 and UNCANNY X-MEN #355 (1998)

Canada decides it wants its Weapon X back, so the team goes after Wolverine.

But first, they train against “Wolverine Synthoids,” which are the new Canadian sentinels. Department H has been keeping them secret, and we see Dept staff mess with Heather’s mind when she figures out that there are more to these fake Wolverines than meets the eye.

The Department also has a fake video of Wolverine murdering Madison Jeffries.

The team doesn’t actually meet Logan until a few pages into issue #9, and they dont go after him until that issue is halfway done. The conflict itself lasts just a few pages and Wolverine kicks their asses.

The new X-Men show up, and there’s a big dumb fight. During it, Alpha Flight realized that Department H concealed aspects of the truth about Wolverine (like he didn’t kill Jeffries) and the fallout from that occurs in Alpha Flight #10.

Issue #9 is also told from the X-Men’s perspective in Uncanny X-Men #355.

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